Ming Dynasty Studio
Roland SRV 330
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   Welcome to Ming Dynasty Studio. This is the studio of Grammy nominated arranger, producer, and keyboardist Thomas Zink. Numerous and varied projects have gone from seed to fruition within its doors. Projects ranging from Folk guitar duos, to Jazz sextets, Motown projects and everything in between have been crafted here from pre-production through mixing. We've recorded live horn sections, and live string sections as large as 8 players at a time. Tom's goal is to provide a comfortable and productive atmosphere to aid the creative process.

   I use an all-digital format, with plenty of high-end microphones, preamps and input gear to get a warm pleasing sound. The Yamaha O2R96 consoles provide 48 Channels of digital mixing with the highly accurate Blue Sky monitoring system to assure sonic accuracy. The heart of the studio is the beautiful, rich sounding 7-foot Yamaha C6 Disclavier piano. It allows the piano performance to be recorded as data, edited, and recorded to audio on playback with perfect fidelity. Two additional rooms provide space and isolation to record several musicians at once.

Ming Dynasty Studios:  Mixing Boards as seen through Yamaha C7 Disclavier Piano
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